Tulalip, the Microsoft’s alternative to Google + and Facebook

The IT giant is working at a new social searching network that is named Tulalip. This new service might be the Microsoft response to the huge development of Google + and Facebook. The information slipped out, by mistake, and it seems is not only a rumor, according to venturebeat.com.

Tulalip is the Bill Gates ‘company product that will come to compete in a social media world dominated by far by Facebook and Google +, that is in a continuous growing.

According to the information that Microsoft gave, Tulalip service promise the users the rapid share of any information, thought or relevant news and will allow also the searching in the most famous social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft revealed though that this information is preliminary because Tulalip is only an idea that is in the phase of the early development only.

The company withdrawn the banner that announces the service in a short while since it appeared online and more, Microsoft erased the entire website, saying that soci.com is an intern application of the Microsoft research team that was published accidentally on the internet.

This new revealing, an accidental one or not, of a new important player on the social network market, that is dominated by far by Facebook, came after a few weeks since the launching of the Google’s social network,

Google +. According to the statistics, the new social network from Google got in three weeks at ten million users and the growing is an excellent one.

Even though the Google’s officials announced that Tulalip is in early stage of development, the analysts think otherwise, that the project is in an advance stage of development and this is the only explanation for the „slipping out” news, that wasn’t as random as the company let all the Internet users to think.

The internet experts think that the design is close to the Windows Phone 7 one and probably the network will be integrated into the mobile operational system. From the information that slipped out, it seems that Tulalip is not an internal project, but a real social network.

The domain is a clearly a social network one (socl.com), the analysts think. It appears that the Tulalip’s slogan is “find what you need and share what you know easier than ever”.

This might seems an announcement for the social network’s fans, but it might be a real threat to the social network players.


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