PlayStation 3 drops $50 off all models | Crave – CNET

The month of price drops continues. We first saw the Nintendo 3DS get discounted by 32 percent, and now $50 is dropping off the 160GB and 320GB versions of the PlayStation 3.

The 160GB model will go from $299 to $249 and the 320GB will drop from $349 to just $299. The news comes on the precipice of what’s lining up to be quite an impressive and busy holiday gaming season.

With the new PS3 pricing, Sony is making the console-buying decision a little tougher for gamers in the second half of 2011. Now the difference in price between all three systems is just $100, with the Wii going for $150 (Mario Kart bundle) and the Xbox 360 starting at $200 (4GB standalone), going up to $300 (Kinect/4GB or 250GB standalone) and $400 (Kinect/250GB).

The new PS3 pricing goes into effect right now.


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