70+ Essential Resources for Making a Difference on the Social Web

social good roundupIt’s been a great year for social good and digital philanthropy.

The Internet has been abuzz with ways to create change using social tools, from sparking revolution in the Arab World, to raising relief funds for the Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami victims, to spreading awareness of the famine in the Horn of Africa.

As we head into Mashable‘s Social Good Summit, we thought we’d give you a refresher on the latest social good resources.

Learn how group buying is supporting charity, see why activists are becoming “hacktivists” and brush up on the latest social media tools for non-profits.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting social good coverage as we head into the Summit next week.

Social Good Resource List

  • How Can You Support World Cancer Day Online?
    Try some of the online options to help cancer below and let us know about your own experiences and how you plan to help.
  • HOW TO: Run a Global Charity Event From Your Laptop
    Twestival is possible thanks to a suite of online tools, a little missed sleep, and an enthusiastic team of global do-gooders. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it all happens.
  • 4 Ways to Do Good This Valentine’s Day
    Even if you can’t stand February 14, we can all agree that it’s good to give back.
  • HOW TO: Spend an Entire Year Giving to Charity
    Try donating to a different charity every day for an entire year. Sounds hard, right? Well, it is, but that’s the exact goal that Carlo Garcia set for himself when he started Living Philanthropic, a one-year, one-man project to donate money 365 days in a row.
  • Why Viral Campaigns Can Still Be Challenging for Non-Profits
    Brands can correlate sales to the success of a viral social campaign, but what if your end goal is to effect change?
  • HOW TO: Implement a Social Good Campaign on Facebook
    We’ve outlined five ways to take advantage of these elements, whether you want to register as a charity or just lend a digital hand without the rigmarole.
  • How MTV Is Marrying Digital Design & Social Good
    MTV set out to create a crowdsourced, student-led, digital tool to help increase college completion rates by making it easier for students to navigate the financial aid maze.
  • HOW TO: Support International Women’s Day Using Social Media
    Here you can find some interesting social good campaigns ranging from Twitter auctions to Daniel Craig dressed in drag (yes, really). The common thread, however, is the desire to not only “love” but to make an impact.
  • Hacktivism: Startup Mentality for the Non-Profit Sector
    Hacktivism is the use of hacking and the startup mentality to tackle and support social good causes. Here’s a look at some of the minds behind hacktivism and ways that it is helping charities worldwide.
  • Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: 7 Simple Ways to Help
    While the devastating Japan earthquake and tsunami have passed, the recovery and mourning have just begun.
  • Top 12 Online Fundraising Platforms for Donors & Non-Profits
    Here are some of the best funding sites that leverage social networks and online crowds to help you do some (social) good.
  • causes image

  • Can Charity Marketing Really Sell Cars?
    Big corporations are waking up to social good in ways that make the most of the web. Well-publicized product launches, not typically where you’d expect to see social good crop up, are starting to include charitable collaborations.
  • How Social Media Can Reinvigorate Consumer Advocacy
    What if we used those same dark arts and new technologies to actively shift our consumption away from mere products and more toward the consumer behavior and brands that are part of the solution?
  • Can One Website Bring Transparency to Online Giving?
    Would you be more willing to give to charity if you knew exactly where that money was going? WePay’s financial platform has embraced the non-profit world by allowing for incredible transparency in its donations.
  • 7 Ways To Celebrate #WorldWaterDay 2011 Online
    If you’re looking to get involved and show your support for water sanitation issues world-wide, we’ve collected some ways that you can join in.
  • 8 Ways To Help #Japan After the Earthquake
    Social media has been no slouch with nearly countless campaigns aimed at donating money, supplies or lending support in any way possible.
  • HOW TO: Stay Safe When Engaging in Political Activism on Facebook
    Facebook can be a powerful tool for change, but it’s also a platform that oppressive authorities can leverage.
  • Top Tech & Business Minds Try To Save the Oceans
    Shark Tag, You’re It is an online platform designed to bring in the best, most creative ways to help drive ocean conservation, drawing from a roster of top business talent.
  • How Non-Profits Can Maximize Engagement on Facebook
    Read on for some dos, don’ts, and a golden rule or two for how non-profits can better utilize Facebook.
  • HOW TO: Decide Which Charities Your Business Should Support
    Here are some quick tips and pro advice for helping your business choose the right charities to support.
  • HOW TO: Celebrate Earth Day Online
    Here are a sample of some interesting ways to celebrate Earth Day online.
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  • The 7-Stage Evolution of a Socially Responsible Brand
    Companies are starting to recognize the potential financial and reputational advantages they can gain by engaging with consumers around the shared ambition of building a better world.
  • Seven Ways to Help Tornado Victims
    The death toll from the catastrophic tornadoes in the South has climbed to more than 340, with thousands injured, homeless, without power or clean water. How can we harness the power of social media to help?
  • HOW TO: Sustain a Social Movement After Initial Success
    Whether it’s a huge protest, a victorious election, an ousted dictator or a momentous piece of breaking news, it’s more important than ever for movement builders and members to prepare for day two.
  • 7 Ways to Show Mom You Love Her & Support Social Good
    We dug up some cool social good projects to help you get your charity on this Sunday while also showing mom how much you care.
  • Why Career & Technical Education Should Be a Priority for the U.S. [OPINION]
    To win the future, the United States needs a well-educated workforce that will drive tomorrow’s innovation.
  • How Crowdsourcing Is Improving Global Communities
    Here are examples of how individuals are taking part in crowdsourced microloans, direct funds and volunteer efforts aimed at bettering their communities.
  • Why Governments Will Benefit From Embracing Technology
    Governments have been harnessing consumer-facing technology to reach out to their citizens in some very interesting ways.
  • What Does the Social Good Ecosystem Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]
    This infographic offers a great overview of the social good ecosystem, including stats on U.S. online fundraising, average donation, fundraising method, motivation and type of cause supported.
  • How 5 Non-Profits Are Innovating With Mobile
    Non-profits, both large and small, are using mobile to educate, activate, and engage audiences of all sizes. Here are five examples of non-profits rocking mobile for social good.
  • 4 Ways To Help Missouri’s Tornado Victims
    If you can’t get on the ground to help in person, social media offers ways to help those most in need.
  • HOW TO: Choose & Approach a Corporate Partner for Your Non-Profit
    An effective partnership is critical in building momentum for funding and brand awareness, for both the non-profit and the corporation.
  • 4 Ways To Support the Troops this Memorial Day
    We’ve collected some ways that you can show your support for the troops using social media this Memorial Day.
  • 5 Amazing Charity Ads Shown at Cannes [VIDEO]
    Good Work, a new program that pairs cutting edge (re: awesome) creatives with non-profits, has teamed up with the 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for a YouTube contest.
  • A Look Inside HP’s Social Good Machine
    HP is launching three social good campaigns aimed at improving health tech in developing countries.
  • HOW TO: Have the Cancer Talk
    No one likes to have the sex talk with their kids, but it can be equally hard for kids to have “The Cancer Talk” with their parents.
  • Why Business Collaboration Is Necessary in a Socially Sustainable World
    The corporate world is full of intellectual property and research departments that remain unnecessarily proprietary when they could be helping each other solve problems. There are four ways that companies can seek to collaborate.
  • 5 Mobile Apps Trying To Do Some Social Good [VIDEOS]
    Applications for Good challenged developers to make an app for social good. Check out the five winners right here.
  • How Non-Profit Organizations Are Bolstering Citizen Media Around the World
    To help foster this new trend, several non-profits and social enterprises are actively working to improve the strength of that citizen media across the world.
  • HOW TO: Celebrate World Refugee Day
    Check out the innovative ways they are employing free online tools and social media to take action on World Refugee Day.
  • Do Celebrities Really Help Online Causes?
    More than ever, celebrities are pairing up with social good campaigns as a way to, presumably, help shine a light on some worthy causes.
  • 7 Easy Ways to Do Good Online Beyond Donations
    Here are seven ways you can easily devote some of your hours of web surfing to social good.
  • 4 Ways To Make Your Office Greener [INFOGRAPHIC]
    This infographic shows four key ways the company accomplished its goals..
  • 12 Top YouTube Videos for Social Good
    Here are the 12 YouTube videos that stand out for their commitment to humanitarian causes.
  • HOW TO: Launch a Mobile Campaign for Non-Profits
    If you’re a non-profit, a mobile campaign could be your dream come true.
  • 5 Social Good Websites Aimed at Youth
    Here are five major websites attracting young people who want to help the world and prove that “adolescence + Internet” can be a worthwhile equation.
  • 4 Ways iPads Are Changing the Lives of People With Disabilities
    Here are four ways that touch devices are changing the lives of people with disabilities.
  • 9 Excellent Celebrity-Powered Social Good Campaigns [VIDEOS]
    Celebrities and non-profits have been pairing up for a long time to help give good causes some exposure and a much needed PR boost.
  • How the Web Is Responding to the Horn of Africa Famine
    While overcoming this humanitarian disaster — which the WFP calls the highest global humanitarian priority — will not be easy, thankfully creative attempts to help are sprouting up across the web.
  • 10 Social Good Startups Worth Your Time [VIDEOS]
    Community website COMMON has rounded up 10 promising startup initiatives that are using tech to do some social good.
  • What a Global Food Crisis Looks Like [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Oxfam is putting the world food crisis right under your mouse. The organization has just released an interactive map showing how countries the world over are being hurt by high and volatile food prices.
  • 9 Startups Aiming To Make Fashion Better for the Planet [VIDEOS]
    Take a look through the videos with solutions that reinvent the process of making clothes.
  • Famine in East Africa Draws Attention of Tech & Entertainment All-Stars
    A global collective of musicians and tech giants have teamed up for “I’m Gonna Be Your Friend,” a campaign to help Save the Children fight the famine in East Africa.
  • 5 Ways Museums Are Reaching Digital Audiences
    From interactive SCVNGR challenges to crowdsourcing information about works of art, more museums are becoming digital savvy destinations. Here’s a look at some innovative campaigns.
  • 4 Ways Non-Profits Can Jump Into Google+
    We asked non-profit staff for their best practices experimenting with Google+ and their hopes for the future of the new social network. Here are four ways non-profits can make the most of the growing network.
  • 12 Incredible Internet Activists Changing the World Through Social Media
    We’ve lined up 12 incredible Internet activists. Take a look through our gallery and share your own incredible humanitarians in the comments below.
  • Why Tech Is Key to the U.S. State Department’s Mission
    Mashable had a chance to speak with Ross about the challenges of infusing diplomacy with technology, and the huge potential for social innovation in the near future.
  • Education Tech: Skype’s Vision for a More Connected Classroom
    Mashable recently asked Bates about Skype’s new education initiatives and the developing education technology space.
  • 5 Tips for Sparking a Grassroots Movement Online
    Thousands and thousands of people are leveraging the power of community through social websites to create grassroots support. Here are five tips for sparking your own grassroots movement online.
  • How Non-Profits Are Tapping Internet Memes & Pop Culture
    We’ve gone through and picked out some non-profits that got the formula right, from tiger blood to Justin Bieber to Harry Potter.
  • 3 Ways to Commemorate 9/11 By Giving Back Online
    If you want to do some good this weekend, we’ve collected four ways to give back or show your support on Sept. 11.
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