8 Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

Rick Chin is the director of product innovation at SolidWorks, where he develops new products and researches how technology will make us smarter, simplify daily tasks and seamlessly fit into our everyday lives.

In 20 years our technology will reach a level of personalization that will enhance every moment of our lives. We’ll be more physically comfortable with the furniture we sit on and the products we hold; only the most relevant and personalized information from friends and family will reach us; and our movement in the digital world will be near telepathic.

I foresee several of today’s technologies as relevant to this particular vision of the future. They will evolve to not only be more powerful, but also more integrated with one other.

X Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

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1. Smartphones

2. 3G and 4G Wireless Broadband

3. Cloud Computing

4. Eye-Tracking / Voice Commands

5. Augmented Reality

6. Social Networking

7. CAD, 3D Printing & Custom Products

8. Autonomous Cars

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, tlnors


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