Happy 20th Birthday, Linux: 10 Cool Devices That Embrace You

The Linux operating system is not just for nerds. Even though you may not realize it, chances are you probably have a version of Linux running right under your nose. It’s found its way into a multitude of devices, both large and small.

Today, Sept. 17, 2011, is the 20th anniversary of the date when the first Linux kernel (version 0.01) was released and uploaded to an FTP server by Linus Torvalds in Helsinki. Although Torvalds had been working on the code since April, 1991 (recognized by some as the birthday of Linux), it wasn’t until September of that year that he released the first Linux kernel to the world. That early iteration consisted of a mere 10,239 lines of code.

Fast-forward to the present day, where the Linux kernel 2.6.35 contains more than 13.5 million lines of code, and controls gadgets, devices and instruments you might never have expected. Take a look at our gallery below and be surprised by the ubiquity of this useful, versatile and compact operating system on its 20th birthday:

1. TiVo

10 Devices Running Linux

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1. TiVo

2. Android

3. AT&T MiFi

4. Large Hadron Collider

5. Refrigerator (Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen)

6. Sony Bravia HDTV

7. Chumby

8. GPS (Tom Tom)

9. Kindle

10. Self-Driving Car

Graphic courtesy iStockphoto/DNY59


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