13 Tech Luminaries the World Lost in 2011

This year, the world mourned the loss of technology icon Steve Jobs. But we didn’t just lose one tech luminary in 2011, we bid goodbye to a wave of the first pioneers in technology. From computer sales to software programming, the digital world that thrives today would not have existed without these innovators.

Some of these first-generation tech leaders left their hard work and companies in the hands of others many years ago. However, today’s careers in engineering, programming, music, manufacturing and more would simply not exist without their original invention and leadership.

We honor and appreciate those who paved the way for unprecedented technological innovation and world change.

1. Kenneth Olsen, DEC

13 Tech Luminaries The World Lost in 2011

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1. Kenneth Olsen, DEC

2. Jean Bartik, ENIAC

4. Norio Ohga, Sony

5. Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg

6. Julius Blank, Fairchild Semiconductor

8. Robert Galvin, Motorola

10. Ashawna Hailey, HSPICE

12. John Opel, IBM

13. Charles Walton, RFID

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, millionhope


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