Five mobile technologies whose fate was sealed in 2011

Five mobile technologies whose fate was sealed in 2011

By Nilabh Jha, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi, January 02, 2012
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Many new operating systems & technologies gained prominence, some also met their end.

2011 was the year when many technologies, device segments and operating systems emerged. However, more than that, the year also brought about the death knell for many. Here is a list of five technologies for which 2011 was the last year of prominence.

Mobile Flash

Mobile Flash, which was the ruling multimedia platform for adding animation, video, and interactivity to mobile web pages, saw a sudden death pronouncement when Adobe announced that it had stopped work on it. After Flash 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook, Adobe limited future updates to major bug fixes and security holes. Those with source code could develop on their own, but Adobe wouldn’t spend effort updating to support newer operating systems, browsers, or hardware.

The battle has been won by HTML5, which is an open platform and has been adopted by Apple, which refused to support Flash in its mobile devices.

The death of Flash will affect BlackBerry in a big way since Flash and its offline equivalent AIR are the core frameworks for higher-level apps on PlayBook. However, apart from that, consumers are not going to be affected as HTML5 is already mainstream and all the functionalities of Flash will be supported by it.

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