Intel’s futurist knows what tech you’ll want tomorrow | CNET Conversations – CNET News

Technological futurism to Intel’s Brian David Johnson is a lot more than engineering. He combines ethnography, science fiction literature, and consumer research to help the company know where things are going in the future just beyond the average geek’s grasp.

CNET Conversations is part of a CBS Interactive special reporting project.

I caught up with Brian at an Intel event where their engineering teams basically hold a science fair — a really impressive science fair. In addition to what’s in the video, I also assembled a slide show of a few more things that caught my eye. Check it out below.

One of the most interesting things I learned from him is the role of science fiction writing in Intel’s work to get people imagining the future (and you thought all your hours reading Heinlein were just for amusement!). Check out their Tomorrow Project in which Cory Doctorow,, and Scarlett Thomas are among the wide array of voices who contribute to the vision Brian David Johnson is curating. And maybe our video got you interested in reading his book, “Screen Future.”

Research @ Intel 2012 (pictures)

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